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Lori Baldwin is a performance artist, writer and director whose playful, thought-provoking work is based in the desire for connection and disruption. She designs performances and experiences intended to call spectators to action by questioning aspects of their immediate surroundings. 


Through theatre, live art and film, Baldwin's approach weaves lightness and provocation together in order to challenge commonly held ideas about power, gender, endings, eroticism, and death. In her collaborative creative processes, she seeks to build affirming spaces based on a non-judgmental, collective approach towards composition and devising. Her artistic strategy is to invite a critical look into the world we live in while creating an interactive experience that gently provokes audience participation and thoughtful engagement. 


In developing new work, Baldwin is interested in blending film with live performance, exploring how the two mediums can be complementary and building large-scale, site-specific interactive performances that occupy complex sites. Baldwin is inspired to develop work that can be flexible, is resilient, and meets people where they are.


For more than a decade, Lori has been the creator of original performances on her own and in collectives. In addition to her performing and writing, she teaches workshops internationally that employ a non-judgemental approach to movement, improvisation, and play.


Originally from North Carolina, USA, Lori now lives in Berlin. She is currently working with performance artist OONA on an ongoing performative series, Milking the Artist. She is also the co-producer of the Dark Cabaret Society together with burlesque performer, Marta Karta. 

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