photo: oliver look

Lori Baldwin is an actress, writer and performer whose playful, thought-provoking work balances connection and disruption. To her, both stage and screen are equally empowering mediums to share humanity’s secrets and understand its essence.


In her art, Lori designs performances and experiences intended not only to move spectators, but also to call them to action by questioning the surrounding world. Through theatre and film, Lori responds to the changing socio-political climate with unique approaches that weave lightness and provocation together in order to challenge commonly held ideas.


For more than a decade, Lori has been the creator of original performances on her own and in collectives. In addition to her performing and writing, she teaches workshops internationally that employ a non-judgemental approach to movement, improvisation, and play.


Originally from North Carolina, USA, Lori now lives in Berlin where her latest work entitled Death’s Cabaret — a piece she co-wrote, co-directed, and starred in — debuted at the Delphi Theatre in August 2021. 

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