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You, Me...and Death Makes Three

Concept, Direction and Performance: Lori Baldwin & Marta Karta 

Produced by the Dark Cabaret Society

October 28, 2022 Premier // Zum Starken August // Berlin ​

A seductive and shameless celebration of sin

A toast!
To the women who break the rules.
To those who are brazen, unrepentant sinners.

You, Me…and Death Makes Three wraps a feminist history lesson in the glitz and glamor of a cabaret. This boundary-pushing performance tells true stories* about infamous women, femme fatales, murderesses and how Death connects them all.

Death (played by Lori Baldwin), captivates with stories of misbehaving women of times gone by, while Marta Karta brings these characters to life. The duo combine burlesque, live music, and scintillating spectacles that will inspire you to transgress and might make you blush. 



Lori is a performer, writer, and director using dark humor and glitter to explore the way after lives manifest in the everyday. With a flair for the dramatic and a cheeky way with words, she weaves tales of death and dastardly deeds, unapologetically meeting your gaze. Maybe you'll find yourself on stage getting spanked, but you wanted to be there.


She’s a delicious cocktail of old Hollywood glamour, femme fatale attitude, Italian temperament and dark circus cheekiness. Combining live singing and burlesque dancing, her performances are rich of storytelling, sensuality and dark comedy. She will make you smile, cry, fall in love or even break your heart a little.

*Well, mostly. We may have taken some liberties.

Photos: Oliver Look 

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