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A Heist, A Nude, and Butter


February 24 2023, Metropolitan Musuem of Art, NYC 

A Heist, A Nude, and Butter is a guerrilla feminist performance art piece by OONA x Lori Baldwin. Performed at the Met Museum in NYC it asks: What makes you look: breasts, money, or art? The piece uses social media, art institutions, and the blockchain as performative tools to question the relationship between value, censorship, and women's artwork and bodies. 

Part 1: The Deep Fake  

OONA x Lori Baldwin create fake invitations to a special performance at the Met and disemmintate to art world elite, influencers, artists, and degenerates of New York City. This fake invitation is linked to a fake website. 


click here to see the real fake website


click here to purchase real fake website

Part 2: Live at the Met

Lori Baldwin undresses OONA. Using butter as clay, Lori Baldwin sculpts OONA into a living statue, akin to the classical nudes at The Met. The piece culminates with a dialogue between OONA and Lori Baldwin. As cash pours from the third balcony onto the two performers, the duo asks "is this not art?"


Part 3: Blockchain is forever 

Video art of the performance is made available on the Tezos blockchain - 10,000 editions at 1 Tez each. (1 Tez = $1.20-$1.40 USD). Commodification is complete. Anyone who collected a dollar during the live performance is eligble to reedem their dollar for an NFT, if they share a photo of themselves on social media with their dollar.

click here to purchase the video art 

Curatorial Remarks on A Heist, A Nude & Butter

A Heist, A Nude, and Butter

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