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Life Goals / Congratulations on your failure

Concept and performance: Lori Baldwin 

We've failed. We've failed to meet up to expectations: from ourselves, from others, from social norms. Add your failure to the Archive. Let's look at conventional measures of success, take space to reevaluate what constitutes failure. We can shift from an individual to collective understanding; examining the common threads in our stories and the social normative structures that fail us. 


Life Goals / Congratulations on your failure examines our failure to meet up to expectations. It invites the audience to revisit a time in their youth, connect to the expectations they had of life then, and examine how they have changed. The piece problematizes Western social normative definitions of success and failure, and offers a platform to collectively explore regret and celebrate the failures we are glad have happened. 

Premiere: Friday Island, Luxembourg, March 2017

Photos by Dirk Mevis

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