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Clusterfuck x Peaches

Choreography & Performance: Peaches, Mad Kate, Adrienne Teicher, Federica Dauri, Danilo Andres, Martini Cherry Furter, Lori Baldwin, Ginger Synne, Bishop Black 

Clusterfuck, a 9-piece movement collective, emerged in 2019 in collaboration with the singer and queer-feminist pop-icon, Peaches. Together they explore the limits of the self and what happens in somatic interaction when the individual merges with the collective. Serving as a choreographic complement to the sex-positive, punchy work of Peaches, Clusterfuck’s vocabulary ranges from rhythmic to sensual to amoeba-like. Their inspiration draws from classical, avant-garde, and popular forms, including the work of Busby Berkeley, the Greek chorus, synchronized swimming, and proximity and repulsion, manifesting Clusterfuck’s recurring image of bodies congealing into a slow-moving collective blob.

In November 2022, they came together for “Clusterfuck Fundamentals,” a month-long residency funded by the FONDS DAKU Process Funding at Callie’s in Berlin.

Peaches & Clusterfuck: Crankypants
TransArt Festival, Bolzano
Festival Theatreformen, Hannover, 2021

Peaches: There’s Only One Peach with a Hole in the Middle
Kampnagel, Hamburg
Royal Festival Hall, London
Musikhuset, Aarhus
Volksbühne, Berlin, 2019

Peaches Aus Dem Hinterhalt: Don Quichotte

Deutsche Oper, Berlin, 2019 

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