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Science of Rave

Science of Rave brings science into the club.

It’s a special party night, an immersive performance in which electronic music and the experience on the dancefloor meet with
scientific impulses, reflection and feedback from the dancers. For an entire night, we explore various facets of the clubbing
experience together, shedding light on scientific principles at play. Our aim as a collective is to offer as many people as possible a safe space for learning and exchanging ideas about club culture and their own clubbing experience.

The dance floor becomes a laboratory.

We are a group of artists, DJs, scientists and science communicators who are actively involved in Berlin club life. With Science of Rave, we
want to open up new perspectives and conversations in an interactive party format - on topics such as night culture, rave as a ritual, the effects of substances and the therapeutic healing power of long dance sessions.

Curated by Lori Baldwin (performance artist), Dr. Prateep Beed (Mind Foundation & Immersia Labs), Nico Brodersen (Falling Walls Foundation) and Felix Rundel (futurehain), Science of Rave explores topics such as ritualistic movement to music (anthropology), synchronized brains in ecstasy (neuroscience), layouts of perfect club spaces (architecture), the psychology of a bouncer and much more.

Experts including Marie-Thérèse Henke, Teresa Geisler, Manisha Biswas, Prateep Beed, Max Schwitalla and Svenja Liebschner make up a growing group of impulse-generators all from Berlin universities and from various disciplines such as neuroscience, psychology, biochemistry and philosophy.


Berlin Science Week, November 2023

Photo Credit: Berlin Science Week – Science of Rave © Christoph Schieder

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