Tick-tock the Timeline Clock

Solo Performance 

Sound & Dramaturgy:  Mikatsiu 

In what ways is lucidity trapped in programmed algorithms and determined data sets? Tick-tock the Timeline Clock investigates learning processes and consciousness of Artificial Intelligence, through a set of parameters that generate interactions with the audience. The performer assumes the role of an embodied AI (AI Lori) that is in training. It follows a pre-coded algorithm to invite and answer questions from the audience. The information feeds back into a learning process. Coding is not neutral; the audience’s biases are part of its development.


The piece explores how truth is constructed and disseminated, the (de)construction of language, and the productive possibilities of a glitch. Glitching signifies a deviation and an option to fail for AI Lori, inviting questions of free will and algorithmic limitations.

Video recording of performance at Tatwerk, Berlin, 2019. 


Creamcake: 2nd "<Interrupted = “Cyfem and Queer>”, Berlin, April 2019

Malá Inventura Festival, Prague, February 2019 

Occupy Flutgraben, Berlin, August 2018 

Young Blood Initiative: Authentic Fake, Berlin, June 2018