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Tick-tock the timeline Clock 

Concept and Performance: Lori Baldwin //  Sound & Dramaturgy:  Mikatsiu 


In what ways is lucidity trapped in programmed algorithms and determined data sets? Tick-tock the Timeline Clock investigates learning processes and consciousness of Artificial Intelligence, through a set of parameters that generate interactions with the audience. The performer assumes the role of an embodied AI (AI Lori) that is in training. It follows a pre-coded algorithm to invite and answer questions from the audience. The information feeds back into a learning process. Coding is not neutral; the audience’s biases are part of its development.


The piece explores how truth is constructed and disseminated, the (de)construction of language, and the productive possibilities of a glitch. Glitching signifies a deviation and an option to fail for AI Lori, inviting questions of free will and algorithmic limitations.

Premiere: Young Blood Initiative: Authentic Fake, Berlin, June 2018 

Further performances: 

Creamcake: 2nd "<Interrupted = “Cyfem and Queer>”, Berlin, April 2019

Malá Inventura Festival, Prague, February 2019 

Occupy Flutgraben, Berlin, August 2018 

Strangemass, Strange Neighbour, Melbourne, Australia, December 2018

Photos by Jo Pollux

Highlight reel of performance at Tatwerk, Berlin, 2019. 

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