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Presence, Viewpoints & Improvisation - Weekend Intensive 


March 9 & 10 | 11h-18h | Studio AB 

Fee: 250€ 

Max 12 participants  | Register with 


We start with the fundamental tool: the body. We put the body in motion, in relation to other bodies and to itself. We move, we compose, we train. 


Grounded in the Viewpoints Technique* and supplemented by somatic movement practices, this weekend intensive workshop expands students' movement vocabulary and trains an embodied understanding of staging, spatial relationship, and physical listening. Participants will gain training in the Viewpoints technique, refining improvisation skills and developing a stronger connection with their own bodies.


The workshop fosters a non-judgmental space for creative exploration, promoting greater physical awareness and readiness as actors. It provides tools for character development and improvisation, and enhances the physical experience of acting. The weekend will focus mainly on the Viewpoints method, supplemented by somatic technique, utilizing both as frameworks to explore and understand one’s own presence and physicality in relation to others.

The movement-based practices establish a shared vocabulary for physical improvisation and enhance students’ own quality of presence, providing a gateway to discovering new creative potential within one's body.

This workshop  is suitable for anyone regardless of experience or background.

*The Viewpoints Technique, as developed by Anne Bogart and Tina Landau, is a system that allows us to name the elements of space and time that constitute a performance, a scene, or an improvisation in an accessible way. By shifting our focus, we start to perceive and name what is already there. This experiential process provides us with tools to then produce work that makes conscious use of their constitutive elements. 

About the Teacher:  


Lori Baldwin is a performance artist, actress, writer and director, creating original solo and collaborative interdisciplinary work for over a decade.

Originally from the USA, Baldwin trained in the Viewpoints Technique during her undergraduate B.A. at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 2013, she earned a M.A. in International Performance Research from the University of Warwick and the University of Amsterdam. She completed further training in somatic contemporary dance with Zeroplusz Studio in Budapest in 2017 and completed the year-long Meisner and Camera Acting course at Actor’s Space Berlin in 2021. 


She has taught performance and movement workshops at the Junges Deutsches Theater and CODE University in Berlin, the Hungarian Fine Arts University in Budapest, and at independent performance venues in Amsterdam, Prague, and Brighton. 


Recently making headlines in Paper Magazine, the Daily Mail, and TMZ, Baldwin’s work straddles the line between provocation and performance. She has performed on stages large and small across Europe and the UK, from The Royal Festival Hall in London (together with Peaches in 2019) to the Weisse Maus in Berlin (2022-2023), and Cabaret Bizarre in Basel (2023). In 2021, she was a winner of the Fonds DAKU #TakeAction grant, and, together with Aaron Reeder, she staged her largest production to date, Death’s Cabaret, which premiered August 26 at Theatre im Delphi. Baldwin and is currently developing NEKRA, a multiformat and multidisciplinary project bridging Web3 technology, AI & neuroscience. 

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