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Un|done: Rope + Performance

In this workshop, we explore our relationship to a specific object – rope – and will use this research to create new performance work. Departing from a nonjudgmental approach to movement and creation, we open up to a playful and honest creative process.

We will explore rope as a visual and emotional reference point, and create together through group improvisations, movement exercises, and collective compositions. 

The workshop will engage with the following practices and techniques: Viewpoints, somatic dance, Shibari (Japanese rope bondage), non-verbal vocal explorations, group improvisations, collective devising

Participants will gain experience in basic Shibari technique, new tools for composition, and have a safe space to improvise and invest in a collective creative process. 

This workshop is suitable for all levels, regardless of previous experience with performance. It’s a workshop for actors, dancers, dramaturges, theatermakers, performers, directors, visual artists, choreographers, and anyone else who has an interest in performing arts. 

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