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The Villages

Concept, sound, and performance: Lori Baldwin 

The Villages sets the conditions for an intimate encounter. It’s a request, an experiment, a proposal. It highlights the connection that is created in subversive and explicit power dynamics and the physical actions that accompany them. The piece offers an alternative intimacy that can be experienced in and through a specific frame. The Villages explores what happens when BDSM practices are carried out in a public performative setting; when we deal with our bodies as they are in the present.

Premiere: Anatomy #14, Summerhall, Edinburgh, December 2016

Further Performances: 

Tempting Failure, London, July 2018

PFF, Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, October 2017

Objects of Desire, PUCCS Gallery, Budapest, June 2017 

sound acts, Athens, May 2017

Photo courtesy of sound acts 

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