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Softness, Home, Movement & Composition

This workshop explores themes of softness and home, through a non-judgmental approach to our creative process. 

Think about your body as a home
for your organs
for your bones
for your breath 

Find softness 
in the air 
on your skin 
with each other 

We engage in collective and individual exercies based on the Viewpoints method, somatic practices, contemporary dance, performance art, and pysical theatre. We use movement, non-verbal vocal explorations, writing, speaking, and breath to find different ways to create new performance work together. We connect to memories and our present state as sources for material.

Start from where you are. This is good enough. 

These classes are suitable for all levels, regardless of previous experience with performance. It’s a class for actors, dancers, dramaturges, theatermakers, performers, directors, visual artists, choreographers, and anyone else who has an interest in performing arts. 

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